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It Is Okay To Not Be Okay

January 16, 2017

The Christian life isn’t always an easy one. Today’s post was written by candid guest, Maretha Retief,
and she is sharing about why it’s okay to not be okay.

Christian Life: It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Have you found yourself in a space where it feels like you just never have the leniency to just be yourself?

Maybe your hair is not straight enough? Maybe you are not skinny enough? Maybe you do not act in the acceptable way or dress appropriately?

If so, do not feel alone.

Society is changing constantly and the expectations of perfection are rising by the day. The demands to be “perfect” has left me in a place where I have felt that who I am, in my barest form is just never enough. I have found that there is little space to be sad and disappointed and to just not be okay.

I am expected to always be strong; to have an answer for whatever I am facing and to not stumble at any curve ball life may throw at me. And yet there are times where I feel like I just want to run away, be sad, have a good cry and admit that I am not coping. This is not a card to have a self-pity party but to admit that I, in and of myself, cannot deal with everything, I need help.

There mere fact that I feel overwhelmed at times by life’s demands, does not mean that I have lost faith in Christ. He does not expect us to have and keep everything together as that is His role (Colossians 1:16-17). He does not only do so in the bigger scheme of things but even in the little things like the smallest details of our lives.

He did not die for us to pretend to be who we feel we should be but to be authentic in the uniqueness He intended for us.

It is okay to not be okay.

It is okay to be weak because then Christ’s strength can work through us (2 Corinthians 12:9). It is okay to not be like everyone else, to not look the same way, to not do the same things and to not go on about the same things. Not one of us is running the same race of faith. We are all doing our own according to God’s purpose for us.

When life gets hard, we may feel the pressure. Just because we are experiencing hard times do not make us any less of a Christian than when things are going well. In spite of the highest mountains we climb, the deepest valleys we have to walk through and the darkest alleys we find ourselves in, we can choose to remain true to the authentic lives God called us to and that may be different for each person.

Christ can use us in our weaknesses and “not so perfect” states. If we humbly approach Him and accept our shortcomings, He can use it for His good purpose (2 Corinthians 10:7). It is okay to not be okay, because our acceptance in Christ is not based on what the eye can see but who we are in Him, in spite of the challenges we face.

Be weak; be vulnerable so that the power and hope of Christ can be written through your testimony.

About the Author

Maretha RetiefMaretha Retief is a child of Daddy God, a wife to a loving husband and mommy of two blessings from God. Having been born with a disability she writes with a purpose to bring the hope of Christ in spite of circumstances.  She is the author of her book, Seasons with Christ:  My Journey from Different to Distinguished. 

You can connect with Maretha online in the following places:
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