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This Is Where I Know I Belong…

| February 5, 2018
The Irreplaceable Place

I was chasing a God who wanted to be rested in. I had been begging Him to lead me, and felt for weeks He was being silent. And now it was July 2016, and I had a whole day to just seek after Him and see where He would lead.

I had hard questions, and I wanted concrete answers. But instead of getting the answers I wanted, I got the answers I needed. I got an answer that I didn’t understand at the time, but over the past year or so I have come to understand more of the weight of His words.

So, here I was on the opposite coast of where I live, in a place that I had lived for a short period of time. I was walking Seal Beach, in Long Beach, CA. I was 20 weeks pregnant, but I wasn’t showing. The sun was warm on my face, and the water was refreshing as I walked along the edge of the ocean. I walked all the way from the pier to the place that overlooks the city where I had lived over 10 years prior. It was then that He spoke.

You are irreplaceable.


That was not the answer I asked for. I wanted a yes or no answer, a stay or go. But I got the answer He knew I needed.  However, just because He gave me the answer doesn’t mean I understood what He meant.

I have learned a lot about that word irreplaceable over the past year, especially in a world that tells you that you are replaceable. I learned that early on in my retail career. You are basically taught that in the workplace, and in other aspects of life.

You know what I mean, right?

If you don’t do your job, instead of helping your grow your boss will fire you and hire someone else. They will downsize and give your position to a younger hire who they can pay less money. The honeymoon period in your relationship is over and the guy your dating “falls” for someone else, and maybe the man you’re married to has replaced you with another woman. The world can often tell you that you are replaceable.

One In A Million

You are irreplaceable to Jesus

But God, to Him you are one in a million. He doesn’t see you in the mirror and wish He saw someone else. You are uniquely and wonderfully made.

God would not replace you for anyone. Just the opposite, He sent His only son to die in your place. That is love. That is real sacrificial love. He doesn’t wish that He never died on the cross for you. He doesn’t think that He did that for everyone else in the world except for you. You are not too far from home, it only takes one second to turn around and run back into His arms.

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Job 38:4 NIV

You are not replaceable, in fact, just the opposite. He has a special place for you in His kingdom. It is a place that was intricately designed just for you, long before He was knitting you together in your mother’s womb. It is a place that is set apart for you, and designed for you.

Just like He defended the adulterous woman, He will defend you. Just like He searched the crowd for the woman who touched His robe, He would look for you in a crowded room, just to let you know that He knows you are there and to look you in the eyes to call you “Daughter”.

You do not need to fight, you do not need to struggle… He just wants you to be still, and know He is God. He will capture your heart so He can say This is your place. Take your place.

You are irreplaceable.

When I asked God the hard questions, I had the fear that someone would come along and take my place, a place that God had asked me to step into a couple years before. When He spoke those three words to me, I narrowly thought for a long time that He was telling me that I was irreplaceable as a daughter of the King. This is true, but it’s equally true that He has an irreplaceable place in the Kingdom for me. And He has an irreplaceable place in His Kingdom for you.

The Irreplaceable Place

What is your place? It is irreplaceable. You are irreplaceable.

Have you ever thought about the fact that you are irreplaceable to the kingdom of God? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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