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When You Feel Like You’re Holding It All Together

| July 23, 2018
Holding It All Together

“You’re the glue that holds everything together.”

I would guess that I’m not the only wife and mother who has either heard it, thought it, or feels it.

I suppose it’s a compliment. Or at least it was on the cutesy Mother’s Day card I saw at the store several months ago.

The first time I thought about myself as the one who holds it all together, it felt kind of empowering. That’s right. I am the one who keeps us all on track.

After a while, it started to feel annoying. Okay, people…you don’t need to come to me for everything.

Lately, however, it just makes me feel tired. Listen up—do it yourself or do without it.

Now, before you suck in your breath at that last statement and think I’m ungrateful, I’m not. I’m very thankful for what God has blessed me with… but I’m also being honest.

Being The Glue Is Exhausting

That cute Mother’s Day card I saw should have said on the inside: “You must be exhausted.” But it didn’t.

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