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3 Keys to Survival When You’re Running on Empty

| June 19, 2017

We need a lot of things in this life. That is not a secret. Let’s be honest. We have needs. Personally, I think women have more needs than men. LOL, but that is for another discussion.

However, not every need will be met. And because of that, we don’t always understand why. A lot of people pull on us as women to meet their needs and we get plain ole empty.  We are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, etc. and we get pulled on by all those people in our lives. Sometimes all at once. Or at least it feels that way.

What is a need anyway? Well, Webster’s dictionary says that the meaning of need is:

To require (something) because it is essential or very important.

Wow! A need is something essential or very important. Hmm. Now, I would add that sometimes a need is something you need to survive. To be healthy. To function.

Do you feel you need certain things to function, to survive? I bet you don’t get it when you want it all the time. Or on time. I think we especially feel this way when we are in crisis or when we are in emotional pain. This is easy for women to slip into. We give out a lot and we need what we gave out to come back.

But, what do you do when you have given all you can and your giver done gave out. Empty. Nothing.  The barrel is dry and not a drop to be found.

What do you do when all the people around you need something from you and they depend on you? Have you been there lately, where it seems one crisis after another and you want to run and hide from life. Who do you run to when you are the one every one else is running to?

Then what?

Well, here are three things you can do. Probably three things you must do to survive.

3 Keys to Survival When You’re Running on Empty

1.) Run to Jesus

You must run to Christ. He is the sustainer of all things. When you are empty and have spent all you have emotionally on something, you run to Him. Go lay your burdens all of them at His feet. Let go of what you cannot do. Do only what you can do.

There is no shame in that. There are seasons in our lives when we just can’t do it all and be all for everyone. But who said we had to anyway?

2.) Give & Accept Grace

Stop taking the blame for what is not your fault. Why do I say this? Because, we as women tend to take on everything that is not even our fault. You need to only own what it yours. If you failed at something, own that and no more. Don’t live in a false sense of blame over things that you could not help.

Learn to live guilt free. Try and say that to yourself. You can you know. It is okay. I will give you an example. If you have a kid that you have tried and tried to work with. Love. Support. Give your motherly advice and they do not listen. Let that go. You cannot make a person hear you. Let that go and pray for that child. Trust God with that child and love them. Do what you can do but stop blaming yourself because they or others do not listen to you.

Let people be free to make their own choices and you move on with that.

3. Love Yourself

Do you love you? Heck, do you even like you? Do loving things for yourself and do not dare feel guilty about it. Far too many women don’t pamper themselves. It is okay to once and a while indulge in something just for you.

Life will go on. Children will eat. They will still love you. The world won’t end if you treat you for a change with love and respect.

We as women tend to put ourselves last a lot. That has got to stop. We work hard too and we deserve to enjoy life without the guilt.

We know that we as women sacrifice a lot at times. But in the midst of that sacrificing we forget about us. We forget that we have needs to and we empty out to others and keep running on empty.

Give Yourself a Break

I consider all these things needs. We need them to function. I know I do. I bet you do too. It’s okay to give yourself a break.

Don’t go overboard but think about what you need. What is that? Why are you not meeting that need? Go ahead today and do something for you. Do it without guilt and shame.

Life is waiting on you!

What can you do today for you?

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