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Submissions Are Closed

We are putting together an anthology called Candid Conversations. It will be available on Amazon and via free PDF download. If you have never contributed to an anthology before, they can be a huge benefit to you as an author. Some of the benefits include:

  • Name Recognition – While your name may not appear on the cover, you can add it on Amazon, and it will appear on the page with your chapter, and your author bio will be in the back of the book. The more often people see your name, the more they will come to know you as an author, and be more willing to spend money to buy your books.
  • Introduces Your Writing To New Readers – Along with that exposure comes new readers reading your writing. It’s not just your name, it’s like a free advertisement for your other books.
  • Increased Amazon Rankings – Amazon introduced author rankings in 2012. While no one knows their algorithm for determining the exact author rankings, it’s pretty clear that the more often you publish and the more sales you get, the higher you rank as an author. The last time I contributed to an anthology, my author rank sky rocked when it was launched.
  • No Publishing or Marketing Costs – I am fronting all the costs of publishing this book. I’ll take care of the publishing, formatting, editing, marketing, everything. All you have to do is write a chapter and it will be available online forever.
  • A Whole Team Working With You – When you have a dozen authors working together to market a book, it usually gets pretty awesome exposure. This is highest during the book launch when all the authors work together and readers are trying to figure out who everyone is. But a book is a gift that keeps on giving – to both the readers and the authors.
  • And More – There have been whole blog posts written about the benefits of contributing to anthologies. I know I haven’t covered all of them, but you get the idea.

About the Book

Life isn’t always sunshine and chocolate. It’s hard. In Candid Conversations, you’ll hear real life struggles that real Christian women face on a daily basis, and how God has either used those struggles to refine their faith, or used their faith to help them weather the storm. From struggling to find quiet time, to dealing with depression, these women lay it all out. They aren’t afraid to get real, because they know God uses their struggles to inspire, encourage, and reach others all for His glory.

If that sounds like you, we encourage you to submit your story and become part of this life-changing book that will reach thousands.


If you’d like to contribute to Candid Conversations, you can submit your chapter below. Your submission should be roughly 1000 words and include your personal struggle/story. The story can be written with a pen name if you’d like to stay anonymous. It’s tone should be conversational, like you’re sitting down for a cup of coffee with a friend and baring your soul. It can be a common struggle or something huge and unique to you, someone somewhere will relate. Your submission should include at least one Bible verse related to your struggle or that you can cling to when times are hard.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your testimony should be less than 1,200 words. Shorter testimonies are fine.
  • Include your personal testimony about something you have struggled with as a Christian woman
  • Written in a conversational tone (not teachy or preachy)
  • Include at least one Bible verse related to your struggle

Submit your story below. If you have any questions, contact me here.

Unless otherwise noted, all submissions should be sent in by January 2nd, 2017. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Thanks for helping impact the lives of women across the globe by your willingness to share your testimony (Rev. 12:11)

Heather Hart
Founder of

Submissions Have Closed