Grace & Truth For When You Need It Most

July 31, 2020 |
Grace and truth: a weekly Christian link-up

When I get overly stressed out, my left eyelid starts to twitch.

It’s probably the closest thing I have to a nervous tick.

But it doesn’t happen during stressful situations, it happens when stress builds up. It’s like my body needs an outlet and it decided (without consulting me) that was it.

The nerve.

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Ice Coffee

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The Truth About Philippians 4:13, Grace & Truth

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God's Rest To A Weary You

God’s Rest For a Weary You

Desperate.Desperate for peace of mind.Space … physical, emotional.For clarity.For a speck of softness among shattered glass.At times, a heart so frantic that the body hums to its rhythm, vibrating.Yet, we know that we know Jesus.And that should change things.It should change things … the…

June 24, 2020
We were on the road to divorce court when God stepped in...

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June 22, 2020