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Learning to See the Awe in My Life

| January 21, 2019
My Coffee Date With Jesus

I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop, during my lunch break, asking the Holy Spirit what I should write about. And, honestly, I have no idea.

I’ve been going and going and going and haven’t had the time to think much about writing or anything else. My life has devolved into an unhealthy cycle of many hours of work, few hours of sleep, and time for next to nothing else. When I entered this season that was exactly what I didn’t want to happen, and yet, I find myself back in this workaholic place again. I’ve neglected myself and isolated myself from other relationships because “I’m fine” and “I’m handling things”.

So, as I sit here, I’m wondering what the Lord wants to speak. What only a few weeks ago felt so normal and natural, sitting down to write a blog post about the Lord, faith, or my life, now feels weird and forced. I don’t know what to write about. I’m not entirely sure what the Lord is wanting to convey to me first and then to you reading this. I’m at a loss.

Then I look around.

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Opening my eyes to the new

Opening My Eyes to the New

Recently, I started a new job, which has not been a smooth transition. I’m sure I haven’t navigated this change as gracefully as I could’ve, but I’m doing the best I can. For the first month of working there, a group of us traveled…

November 26, 2018

Growing Deeper When Things Get Rough

“Just keep going” is the phrase that I keep repeating to myself. You see, right now, all I want to do is give up. I am tempted to throw in the towel on my dreams and settle for something mundane. I want to pack…

August 30, 2018
Learning to Trust God

Shattering the Spectacular: Learning to Trust Little by Little

Trust has always been one of those things that doesn’t come easily for me. I know some people who trust everyone right off the bat. They’re welcoming and warm and willing to open their homes to strangers and I am thankful for these friends…

May 10, 2018