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Grace and Truth for Your Devotional Time

May 22, 2020 |
Grace and Truth

Today’s featured post, Real Life Devotions by Barbara Lee Harper, brought back memories of when I decided to earnestly study the Bible. I wanted to do it right, so I invested in all the necessary supplies. 

First, I shopped for weeks and spent $50 on the perfect Bible – a beautiful Holman brown leather-touch, large print, thumb-index study Bible with maps, concordance, ribbons, introductions, index, and photos. 

Next, I bought special highlighters, expensive multi-colored gel pens, and gentle sticky-notes – all designed just for Bibles. 

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Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth and The One True Rock

Are you an imperfect sinner married to another imperfect sinner? Well, then I'll meet you at Grace & Truth for the One True Rock on Candidly Christian so we can both find out How To Thrive in a Marriage That's Far From Perfect. …

May 8, 2020
Cast Your Cares on Jesus

8 Tangible Ways to Cast Your Cares on Jesus

Jesus cares for you and He wants to take your burden. But do you know how to cast your cares upon Jesus? If the command to cast your cares is a bit obscure for you too, I hope sharing my search for knowledge will…

May 4, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth to Strengthen Your Trust Muscles

God will either rescue you from a trial or walk with your through it. But either way, He always was, is, and always will be faithful and true. Find out one way to strengthen your trust muscles in today's grace & truth link-up... …

April 24, 2020
Grace and Truth: A weekly Christian Link Up

Grace and Truth to Cling to the Cross

Do you know how to cling to Someone you can't see or touch? Find 7 Practical Ways to Focus Daily on the Cross of Christ in today's Grace & Truth.…

April 10, 2020
Our Comforter In Every Crisis

Our Comforter In Every Crisis

It doesn't matter what crisis comes our way, our comforter remains the same. Valerie shares three Scriptures to pray to our Comforter in this post...…

April 8, 2020
Good Friday

What Good Friday Means to Me

I swung the hammer while you held the nail... Find out how Jesus sacrifice came to life for one entitled Candid Gal during an unusual Good Friday service 20 years ago.…

April 6, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth to Adore Jesus

You don't have to wait until the time and place is right to praise our Savior. Learn more about how to Practice the Presence of God... Even if You're Busy.…

March 27, 2020
Grace & Truth for an Anxious Mind

Grace & Truth for an Anxious Mind

There's a lot of fear in the news and in our lives. But in today's Grace & Truth, Tiffany Montgomery tells us how to find peace by walking in God's will in her post "God Will Fight for You:Be Still My Anxious Mind."…

March 13, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth for Chronic Pain Warriors

Are you laying in defeat in a fight against chronic pain or are you standing in the strength of Christ in you? Find inspiration in an interview with a chronic pain warrior in today's Grace & Truth. …

February 28, 2020
Grace and Truth: A weekly Christian link-up

Grace & Truth and The Truth About Shame

Candid Gal Valerie Riese tried to hide her shame almost 7 years. Sometimes she still does. But she's not alone, is she? Learn two important truths about shame in today's Grace & Truth.…

February 14, 2020
What does the Bible say about people-pleasing

An Open Letter to Burnt Out People-Pleasers

Valerie shares a special letter she wrote for the burnt-out people pleasers she loves. She hopes women will find freedom by seeing how Jesus set limits on pleasing others during His ministry.…

February 5, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth to Send the Body

Candid Confession: Overt physical acts of worship make me uncomfortable. But in today's Grace & Truth I'm learning to put my body in position to worship.…

January 31, 2020