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Grace and Truth Link Up

Grace & Truth Link Up

Grace & Truth exists to point people to Jesus! We hope this link-up will be a source of encouragement every week. If you’re a blogger, we hope you’ll use this space as a way to meet new friends within the Christian blogging community. If you’re a reader, we hope that you’ll encounter new bloggers that love Jesus as much as you do! Most of all, we hope you’ll meet Jesus here.

Join us each Friday for the Grace and Truth Link-Up!

Grace & Truth

Grace & Truth: Not Cancelled

Does it seem like most of 2020 was cancelled? It's been disappointing for sure, but in today's Grace & Truth, Mariel reminds us of the cancellations we can be grateful for. …

November 20, 2020
Grace & Truth

Grace & Truth for Moms

Do you ever wish you could help your kids overcome their weaknesses, take those weaknesses away, or just knock some sense into them? Heather does, but in today's Grace & Truth, Christine shows us that it's not all up to moms to shape…

November 13, 2020
Grace & Truth

Made in God’s Image, Grace & Truth

Have you ever wondered how a person with a disability could be made in God's image when something is wrong with them? Beth shows us how we are still like God, even in our flaws, in her post Made in God's Image …

November 6, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth for Jesus’ Promises

Matthew 7:7-8 says we'll get whatever we ask for. Well, we know that's not reality. Join us as Michele explains "What is Jesus REALLY Promising." …

October 30, 2020

A New Way to Spread the Gospel, Grace and Truth

The Bible says to serve God with our gifts, but does that mean to only serve when it's comfortable? Find the courage to share the Gospel in a new way in today's featured Grace & Truth post- The Gospel According to an Introvert. …

October 23, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth for Giving Thanks When It’s Hard

Are you feeling ready for Thanksgiving yet? It's been rough lately for sure, but that's when we need to give thanks all the more. Join us for Grace & Truth for Giving Thanks When It's Hard.…

October 16, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth for the Hard Times

Last week was a rough one for me. I had a doctor appointment in the city. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive. My husband took the day off to take me, and I was really looking forward to it, but I was out of…

October 2, 2020
Grace and Truth

Rejection, Grace & Truth

Do you know what it feels like to be rejected? The hardest part of processing rejection is self-doubt. Today, Karen Girl Friday takes us to scripture for 3 Truths to Overcome the Lies of rejection.…

September 25, 2020
Grace & Truth Body Image

Grace & Truth For Your Body Image

Do you believe that God made you beautiful just as you are? Let's face it, we all need a little help recognizing our own beauty. Today Ashley Rowland shares 8 Important Verses for a Healthy Body Image. …

September 18, 2020
Grace and Truth link up

Peace Robbers, Grace & Truth

Are sickness or grief robbing you of your joy? Sarah Howley has a message for you about the God who wants to hold you close. …

September 11, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth for Spiritual Battles

Beth shares four simple ways we can be on guard. Ways we can "Battle Strong in Times of Spiritual Warfare." However, it didn't feel like something that was overwhelming. It was doable. Even for someone like me who suffers from chronic migraines, has four…

September 4, 2020
Grace and Truth

The Grace & Truth Link-Up

Our Grace & Truth mini blog-cation is coming to a close. Thanks for your patience and we can't wait to see what you've been writing while we've been away. …

August 28, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth: A Weekly Christian Link-Up

Our Grace & Truth mini blog-cation continues. The Grace and Truth Link-Up will still be here each Friday, so don’t go anywhere. Stop by and link-up one or two of your favorite blog posts from the week. …

August 21, 2020
Grace and truth: a weekly Christian link-up

Grace & Truth For When You Need It Most

When I get overly stressed out, my left eyelid starts to twitch. It’s probably the closest thing I have to a nervous tick. But it doesn’t happen during stressful situations, it happens when stress builds up. It’s like my body needs an outlet and…

July 31, 2020