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White Noise, Blind Spots, and This Weeks Grace & Truth Link-Up

Grace and Truth is a weekly Christian link-up. If you are a Christian blogger, we invite you to link up and meet new friends within the Christian blogging community. If you’re a reader, we encourage you to visit new bloggers and discover women who…

February 7, 2020
What does the Bible say about people-pleasing

An Open Letter to Burnt Out People-Pleasers

Valerie shares a special letter she wrote for the burnt-out people pleasers she loves. She hopes women will find freedom by seeing how Jesus set limits on pleasing others during His ministry.…

February 5, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth to Send the Body

Candid Confession: Overt physical acts of worship make me uncomfortable. But in today's Grace & Truth I'm learning to put my body in position to worship.…

January 31, 2020
Daily Bible Reading

2 Unexpected Results From Daily Bible Reading (& a Challenge)

“Lot was just carried off by kings after taking the land that looked better. Abrams gonna go save him anyways .” That was the summary of my daily Bible reading earlier this month. I’m reading through the Bible chronologically in 2020 with some other…

January 29, 2020
Do you ever feel apathetic?

Stopping the Cycle of Apathy

I once heard a pastor say that the way we do one thing is how we do everything. I really didn’t like him for a few days after that particular message because I didn’t want to accept the truth contained within that powerful statement.…

January 27, 2020
Grace and Truth Link Up

What If… We Trust In His Grace & Truth?

The lies behind "what if...?" paralyzed Valerie's dreams, until she learned to trust in the Truth. You can also find freedom in today's featured Grace & Truth.…

January 24, 2020
Grace and Truth a weekly christian link up

Isolation, Exposure, Grace, & Truth

Have you ever been afraid to tell somebody something? Or afraid you will be found out? So like, I heard a car drive by just a bit ago, and I thought it pulled into my driveway, and I was afraid someone was here? Why?…

January 17, 2020
Finding Peace

Finding Peace in His Presence

Life isn't easy, but let's be real, worry and fear don't help. Sheila shares four keys to finding peace in this post...…

January 15, 2020
Share your faith

3 Reasons Why You Need To Share Your Faith

Jessica is getting candid about her own experience trying to share her faith. But she's also sharing why it's important and four ways you can prepare...…

January 13, 2020
Grace and Truth

Grace & Truth to Let God be God

The pressure of making a New Year's resolution can be overwhelming, but what if instead we resolved to let God be God this year?…

January 10, 2020
The illusion of control

Letting Go Of The Illusion of Control

Several weeks ago I was frustrated. It seemed that no matter how much I got accomplished in a day it didn’t make a dent in all the things I didn’t get done. There were the usual everyday chores, errands that had to be run,…

January 8, 2020
God use me

Can God Use Me Like Peter or Paul?

I’ve seen more of a trend in the last few years in Christianity – people talk about God usually picking from people who’ve lived in terrible sin. They say things like don’t worry about feeling unqualified to be used by God because He “usually…

January 6, 2020
Grace and Truth

A New Chapter for Grace & Truth

Every time the calendar turns over, it brings about change. So as everything around us is changing, so is Grace and Truth. If you missed Aimee’s post last week, she has decided to step back and resign from being a hostess. It’s what’s right…

January 3, 2020