The Power of the Serenity Prayer – A Candid Moment

October 5, 2020 |
The Power of the Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Don’t we love the Serenity Prayer? Like ice tea under the scorching sun, so refreshing during hard times. 

And like that tea, doesn’t it seem like your soul is parched again just moments after those sweet words have left your ears? 

I love the Serenity Prayer, too, but I believe it’s missing something. You see, God doesn’t just grant peace, courage, and wisdom like a genie in a bottle. He’s about relationships, not magic, and prayer is active and powerful, so we must be active participants. 

It took me a long time to understand that I can’t just say a few fancy prayers to make all my troubles melt away.

I’m learning that serenity comes from surrendering my controlling spirit and giving my cares to Jesus in prayer. I find courage by trusting our All-knowing God who loves me. And I find wisdom by reading His Word. 

God isn’t a genie in a bottle, but He is our comfort for every crisis

God isn't our genie in a bottle, but He is our Comforter in every crisis.
God isn’t a genie in a bottle, but He is our comfort for every crisis. Click To Tweet

He won’t wave all your troubles away upon demand, but He shares the answers to all of your questions in the Bible.   

I won’t pretend it’s easy or that I’ve got it all figured out, because it’s not and I don’t. But I know that it’s easier leaning on Jesus’ infinite strength and wisdom than the shallow reservoir of my own heart. 

We all need serenity, courage, and wisdom, especially in uncertain or challenging times. Every day, every hour, every minute if necessary, call out to Him and join me in prayer.

Jesus, I give this to you. You’re in charge, and I trust you because I know you love me. I don’t understand what’s happening, but the one thing I know for certain is that You never change. Thank you for giving Your life to make your serenity, courage, and wisdom available to me. Please help me trust You more. Amen. 

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