You’re the One

December 10, 2018 |

The words flashed across my screen. A random email trying to sell something.

You’re the One.

However, it gave my heart pause, and when that happens, my mind starts to pay attention.

The words are something we’d want said to us. The marketing, it’s genius.

You’re the One.

I’m the one you dream of. The one you want to commit to for all of your life. Sure, you want me to buy something and the deal is just for me. But you know, if you were a real-life flesh and blood person, and I was single and … didn’t have five kids and a huge mortgage and basically go to bed before the sun each night because I’m exhausted, I’d totally be your one.

I think of my one. Yes, my husband. I’d do it all over again, even with the hiccups or crazy-scary stuff that we’ve endured.

Then I think about that other One. The One.

I’m talking about, Jesus. (But you knew that!) Okay, now I’m swooning. Because not only did my husband say (okay, really imply, because guys don’t talk like that except in romance novels) … those words, but Jesus did and acted just as tangibly.

You’re the one.

The one He chose to come in to this world for.

The one He thought of in the garden of Gethsemane.

And as He endured the cross.

You’re the one He looks down from heaven at and gives you that small smile. You are sorta goofy when it comes to him. You know He’s not a baby in the manger anymore, yet you still put up the creche and fawn over Him. You straighten the donkey and position Mary just so.

He sees when you’re sad and when you’re angry. He nods and understands. Sometimes, He wants to thunk you on the head. “Girl, remember who you are!”

He’s kind of like your husband in that respect. He wants you to be kind to yourself also, you know.

This Christmas I want you to hear His whisper. His lips are close to your ear now.

“You’re the one. I’m here and not going anywhere. You’ve got this.”

And may I say a little louder and in my annoying Massachusetts accent: Take a time out. Reflect. Go read the words in red and pause over them with a hot cup of your favorite beverage. Take a deep breath.

That list, is just a list. The lines are long and the money is short, but your smile and peace will show others the One. And isn’t He what Christmas is all about?

Your Turn…

How do you keep Christ in Christmas? Can you give us advice on how to slow down during this holy, commercialized season?

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  • This is such a great reminder, Laura. Thank you.

  • JJ says:

    I love it…Jesus saying, “your the one.” It feels so special and personal. That is the kind go God we serve :).

  • Jesus is the only One who will love us the way we need to be loved. Focusing on Him at Christmas is easier than at any other time of year because Christ is pictured everywhere!

  • We keep Christ in Christmas by saying no – a lot. We don’t stretch ourselves so thin that we are irritable with each other. We also spend time creating Homemade gifts for others… it gives us time to pray over our neighbours, family and friends and there are so many conversations had in those moments that are planting seeds and setting firm foundations!

  • This is so simply beautiful. Thank you

  • I’m thankful Jesus does thunk us on the head when we need it. 🙂 A great post, thank you!

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